Benefits of SEO along with SEM for Ecommerce Websites

SEO-vs-SEMimage001In order to get better results from online business, you need to stay in the sight of your customers. With that said, you will need to invest your money and time in order to make your marketing campaign successful. And with the serious competition going on, you will need to get things done in a multi-channel approach.

The two most well-known marketing techniques for online businesses are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For SEO, you need to invest your time and effort to make your business crawl upward in the SERPs, while SEM requires you to pay for your business to be shown in the top search results. Both these techniques have their significant advantages which, while combined, can help a business make good progress.

First we will discuss how SEM can be advantageous for online businesses.

  • SEM or paid search can get you results in a fast pace. With a little customization in the AdWords interface, you can definitely make things go in your favor.
  • Paid search increases the chances conversion by 150%. We can talk here about PPC which has distinguishable edge in this regard.
  • Although you may have spent a lot of time and efforts with your SEO strategy, it cannot be said with certainty that you will appear in the top positions in SERPs. SEM also holds the same characteristic at some extent but you have a better chance to get in the top ranks if you pay more.
  • With SEO, you will need to take care of factors such as site structure, better content and sensible on-site optimizations. These factors also help in better SEM but you can still get better results if you ignore these aspects at some extent.

Along with SEM, SEO strategies can deliver great results. Below mentioned are some benefits of SEO.

  • SEO may consume some extra time but it’s not financially costly. You can run your SEM campaigns and perform SEO tasks at the same time to get long term results.
  • What SEO can deliver is always organic; and a study shows that organically promoted links are 8 times more likely to be visited.
  • Since SEO includes proper maintenance of site structure and addition of good quality and useful content, it definitely helps in better brand awareness.
  • Unless you got a hit by search engine update, your properly optimized and well positioned site in SERPs is more likely to stay in good position for quite a while.

The different sets of benefits of both SEO and SEM don’t suggest that a person should stick with only one method. In fact, you can start working on both campaigns. You can use SEM to stay in the top position until you start reaping the results of Chiropractic SEO.